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Ess DeeRatingReview posted on
Aug 3, 2017
I had a great experience purchasing my Jetta here. Mike Geoffrey was the sales associate I dealt with. He took the time to listen to me, worked within my budget and found what I was looking for. He helped make the whole process relatively painless. I'm looking forward to dealing with him (and Leavens) for my future vehicle needs.
faisal qureshiRatingReview posted on
Jul 31, 2017
Great place for quick oil change , drive through oil change lane
Karla KerriganRatingReview posted on
Jul 31, 2017
I had a great experience with Clinton while leasing my vehicle. He was approachable, and efficient considering that I live in Toronto and was driving down to test drive and decide on a new car. I felt valued as a returning customer.
Marcy RedmondRatingReview posted on
Jul 19, 2017
I just purchased a new 2017 VW Jetta at Leavens and am extremely happy with my decision! The dealership was amazing to work with, especially my sales rep Terry!! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to visit Leavens. He is great & listens to everything you want!
Terry A MarshallRatingReview posted on
Jul 15, 2017
Great service
Aaron DeVriesRatingReview posted on
Jul 13, 2017
Very helpful parts people! Knowledgeable of the vehicles and hassle free as well. Quick with getting parts in if not in stock! Overall excellent service

Timothy RichardRatingReview posted on
Jul 12, 2017
I started my VW experience with another local dealer. I wasn't impressed with their service so I started coming here and the service department experience was night and day. Everyone here is very friendly and professional! Their friendliness is what convinced me to buy my second car here. The prices are also in line with I would have gone with 5 stars but I felt that when I bought my car, I had a 'stereotypical' buying experience with salesman games. Didn't stop me from buying though, just disappointing given what an amazing experience I had with the service department. That being said, I come here for all my service, and is definitely on my list when it comes to my next purchase.
Matt HarrettRatingReview posted on
Jul 8, 2017
Very honest and extreamly helpful towards our needs!
Michael WatsonRatingReview posted on
Jun 30, 2017
Originally gave a 1 star review due to problems with one of their salesmen and also a pretty big mistake by their service department (this is going back a few years). However, I have given Leaven's a second chance and they have improved quite a bit. I probably didn't get the best price possible, but I feel the price we agreed on is fair and reasonable (and much better than Dalmar). I hope that I continue to receive top notch service so that I can call Leavens my home for VW. Thank you!
Barry BallRatingReview posted on
Jun 28, 2017
Kevin is the most honest car salesman I've met and the service department does an excellent job.
Robert InmanRatingReview posted on
Jun 24, 2017
It wasreally busy today withe the introduction of the VW Atlas. Quite a big crowd and celebration.
Lisa MatyuskaRatingReview posted on
Jun 21, 2017
Kevin was awesome
William NewbyRatingReview posted on
Jun 20, 2017
Particularly over the last couple of years, it has seemed on a number of occasions that once they have your money, they lose interest (we have purchased three cars from them) Most recently, I discovered that they had given me a bill of sale in 2008 with the wrong VIN on it. This became problematic when it turned out that their error caused a substantial delay in the process of selling my fraudulently - sold TDI back to Volkswagen. I have already ordered a new car (not a Volkswagen!), and thought I had timed it such that I could return the vw about the same time the new car was to be delivered. I learned both that the new car is arriving and that I had to start the buyback process all over again on the same day! So, I am stuck with a car for which I have no storage space and on which I have to pay insurance for an indefinite time. Despite the fact that this situation arises because of their error, Leavens has told me that they "can't" store my car, and offered no other assistance. Given previous experiences, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Never again, Leavens. Addendum: it turns out that Leavens gave me the wrong information about the documentation I should submit in lieu of the bill of sale. Back to the beginning again.
Leavens Volkswagen – Jun 20, 2017 – 

Hi William, We have hundreds of customers who are returning or trading there cars and we just don't have room to store them. Perhaps the dealer selling you your new car could help you. Thanks for you input and we wish you all the best with your future vehicles. Chris Leavens, Dealer Principal - Leavens Automotive Group

Joe MRatingReview posted on
Jun 16, 2017
Great people all of them in special Terry Coulter. He was always ready to help me to the process of getting my new vw, even when I'm not the best person to deal with. They also give me top dollar for my trade. I'm very happy with my new car and the money i save on gas is great. Thanks to all you guys a Leavens vw.
Bob FosterRatingReview posted on
Jun 13, 2017
VW diesel scandal customer here. Went to Leavens yesterday to ask about leaving my fully insured but unplated buyback Jetta on Leavens spacious car lot until buyback appointment several days later... Was told a flat out NO which leaves me in a real bind. I guess Leavens isnt with THEIR customers until the end. Just when it suits them.
Leavens Volkswagen – Jun 13, 2017 – 

Hello Bob We are sorry that we cannot accommodate you leaving your vehicle on our lot. However, we have hundreds of cars to be processed through our store and we need to accommodate our regular day to day business as well. This along with risks/liabilities associated with cars left here was explained to you by one of our specialists. Thank you for your feedback.

 Ally Sieber-PeytonRatingReview posted on
Jun 6, 2017
I had the best customer service with Clinton. My parents have been returning customers for a couple years and we don't plan to break that relationship! They're always friendly and their service centre always does a great job. Thanks for everything! :)
Paul TauschekRatingReview posted on
May 30, 2017
Awesome service. As always, went above and beyond.
 Iain McFadden  Rating Review posted on
May 28, 2017
"You're going leave Leavens" Incompetent and not to be trusted. Sales. Ordered a 2017 Mk7 Golf R from Germany and once it finally arrived it was involved in a fire a few days before my possession. Leavens cleaned it up and tried to sell it to me even with visible damage to exterior emblems and paint from smoke damage/smell and fallout. I had an identical replacement car brought in from Guelph and now some poor probably unaware owner has the corrupted Golf R. Charged twice for tech package option. Had to have money refunded. Paid for paint protection package and when doing my first car wash discovered the dealer never applied the sealant. Had to return car for a couple days. First Service. Asked for oil change, balance and re-weight winter tires, alignment as steering wheel tilted 10 degrees right, and repair a couple paint chips under warranty. New alignment has steering wheel tilted 10 degrees left now, wheels are directional and were re-installed backwards and one wasn't even balanced. Paint chips touched up, blobbed on with wrong colour paint. Was told paint touch up was a courtesy and even when I provided my warranty documents that called out paint repair the general manager Chantelle still denied it was covered until I told her I would call the 2nd party warranty provider myself. Leavens would never admit they were wrong or at fault. Even at the hint of suggesting they were unprofessional and disengaged from their own warranty policies they get very defensive. I would be ashamed and embarrassed if I worked there. Leavens is not accommodating at all. Not once was I ever offered compensation or a truly heart felt apology for all the nightmarish inconveniences I encountered. I look forward to Leavens response to my review as I'm sure they will try to say I'm just a complainer and make excuses but the sad truth is some places just suck and Leavens service could have done so much better.
Leavens Volkswagen – May 29, 2017 –

Thank you for your feedback. It is unfortunate that the original Golf R was at a 3rd party supplier when an accident occurred. We were clear and transparent with you what happened to the car. You did not want the car, so we found another car and delivered it within days to you; no big deal, end of story. Our technician did make a mistake with your tires. That is why we apologized, came to your house and picked up the car to make it right. You drove your car 13,000 kms before bringing it in to have the alignment corrected. Although it may have been covered under warranty if addressed originally, it was not at this point. As a goodwill gesture, the dealership paid for the alignment, which included the extra time for re-calibration of the adaptive features. We also offered you a refund on the paint protection and touch up paint, which you declined. While we make every effort, we understand that we will never be able to satisfy 100% of customers 100% of the time. We wish you the best with your Golf R.

Angela Serra Rating Review posted on
May 23, 2017
So, kind of flabbergasted by Volkswagen right now. Our 2011 Passat CC that was sold to us 2 years ago from Leavens Volkswagen with a spotless previous owner record, is now pending an $8500 new engine. The timing tensioner flipped and naturally took half the engine with it. With the car not being too old, I did some research and found that this is a known defect in Volkswagen cars made between 2009-2012. The timing tensioners were too small for the engines and therefore, inevitably flip. The car is 850km over the extended warranty and Volkswagen Canada refuses to cover any cost associated to this known defect; a known defect in a car that was sold to us with promise of it being a safe, well maintained car. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever encountered and am truly disappointed with Volkswagen for taking no responsibility. It is completely unscrupulous of a company to continue to sell cars with the knowledge of a massive defect. I find it seriously unfair to pay for a mistake made by Volkswagen and to be left in the dust by our dealership. Truly sad and disheartening.
Leavens Volkswagen – May 29, 2017 –

Hi Angela, Our service team has been in touch with you personally in regards to Chris Leavens getting involved and working with VW Canada to assist with a solution for your vehicle. We look forward to getting this resolved and getting you back into your CC. Thank you for your feedback.

Gary Strang Rating Review posted on
May 20, 2017
I had my CC towed in 3 times with a no-start. They couldn't fix it and told me each time all was ok? Really? Then on the 4th time, I just bought a starter motor myself and fixed it. They didn't return my phone calls when it was in, they even billed me an hour for the last visit and gave the car back to me with the engine light on and the steering wheel controls not working. Worst service experience ever. Period. I will never deal with this company again. I will likely not even buy another VW again.
Leavens Volkswagen – May 24, 2017 –

Hi Gary, Thanks for the feedback and for reaching out to us by email as well. Our general manager has been in touch.

Devon RobertsonRatingReview posted on
Apr 18, 2017
Awesome staff, really quick express service
Calvin NgRatingReview posted on
Apr 17, 2017
-Very friendly - nice store -helpful
Rob WilliamsonRatingReview posted on
Apr 12, 2017
Bought my first new car in Canada and had the pleasure of dealing with Clinton. This has to be one of the best salesman I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. He was with me every step of the way and even has called or texted a few times post sale to check everything is going well. He is a credit to the dealership!
Richard GagneRatingReview posted on
Apr 11, 2017
Just leased my first car from Clinton, great guy easy to talk to and really knows his stuff! Nothing but impressed with Leavans Volkswagen, and would recommend them to everyone.
Jeremiah John CanlasRatingReview posted on
Apr 11, 2017
Shout out to Kevin for the incredible service and to Darin for making it happen. Took less than a week for the whole process. You guys are amazing! 5/5
Justin CambridgeRatingReview posted on
Apr 2, 2017
They treat their customers like garbage, they've lied to my face about my vehicle. The staff are rude and untrustworthy. I have since moved my business to Delmar Motors after dealing with my 42,000 car and three years of lies and constant services for the same problems. The owner is a snake and does not keep his word.
Leavens Volkswagen – Apr 5, 2017 – 

Hi Justin, I am sorry you are not happy with the deal you agreed to on your vehicle last fall. I will not however call you names as I, and Leavens Volkswagen, prefer to remain professional. We continue to work to try to meet the expectations of all our customers, realizing there will be customers who's expectations cannot be met. Thanks for sharing your opinion. Chris Leavens, Dealer Principal - Leavens Automotive Group

 Damieon Vella-ZarbRatingReview posted on
Mar 5, 2017
Always friendly service, professional atmosphere, and very personable staff make every visit a welcoming experience
Albin KmetRatingReview posted on
Feb 16, 2017
Great customer service
 Kyle BannonRatingReview posted on
Feb 16, 2017
I haven't dealt with the dealership for long, but my experience here has been exceptional. I want to give Clinton Smith, my sales guy, 5 stars. Do yourself a favour, and book an appointment with Clinton. Now onto my story. I came in after disappointing results at other dealerships. I was currently on a lease, and other dealerships wouldn’t even give me a quote for the car I wanted. Clinton got me into the exact GTI that I wanted, at a GREAT price. Clinton is a hard working, passionate, and an empathetic guy. He will go above and beyond, and understands the significance that the right vehicle can make in one's life. He understands people’s dreams, and works just as hard as we do to reach those dreams. I even made it onto his instagram @clintonsmith91 The dealership as a whole seems great. They have an open door policy, so you’re welcome to walk through the garage. I hope to receive great service at Leavens for years to come.
Stephanie WilliamsRatingReview posted on
Feb 14, 2017
I just had my car serviced at Leavens for the first time and will definitely be returning. I am an owner of a 2012 Jetta which I had purchased at another dealership. After frustrations with the other dealership (poor customer service, costly service work, long wait times), I decided to give Leavens a try. When I called to get a quote on an oil change and basic inspection they informed me of the Express service which is no appointment needed. I arrived at 4:25pm and was helped right away. Tyrell in the Express service department gave me one of the best customer service experiences have ever received! The service team was quick at doing a full inspection of my car. The cost of the oil change & inspection was much lower than the other dealership I have used. And I received an honest report of what future work needs to be done. I will be returning for any future service, thank you Tyrell and Leavens VW!
Brittney McAuslanRatingReview posted on
Feb 5, 2017
The service guys are amazing. No problem is too big or small to have a look at, and they don't make you feel dumb bringing it in.
Patrick GoryszewskiRatingReview posted on
Jan 17, 2017
Great experience all around concerns always met everyone welcome and not pushy to make money off you, overall the best dealer in London recommend leavens to everyone because Volkswagen vehicles are amazing and they are the best dealer of the brand
seok jun LeeRatingReview posted on
Jan 7, 2017
Thanks Mr. Blair ! Friendly man ^^
 Ted GRatingReview posted on
Jan 1, 2017
They take care of you. Quality work.
 Kelli LangRatingReview posted on
Dec 21, 2016
I love these ladies and gents. I drop my car off for service and they take me to work and pick me back up later, free of charge. Even though I have only done this twice in a year they remember me and where I work before pulling up anything in the system. Bravo! I purchased my car from them last year and I could not be more happy. Everyone is polite and courteous. If only VW made pick up trucks we would get another!
 Edward BenavidesRatingReview posted on
Dec 7, 2016
My initial impression of Leavens Volkswagen was great, but I won't be going back there again. *Warning - long post ahead. Read last paragraph for short notes* I took my car in about a month ago for a general inspection and scheduled oil change, as well as to address ongoing dashboard error lights and vibration/noise which started after installing the winter tires. The general inspection resulted in finding a rear mains leak and the cause of the error lights were explained - a failing electronic e-break button and improperly wired aftermarket headlights. I was also advised that the recent vibration and noise were likely caused by my winter tires, which are typically louder than summer tires, and that there was no reason to be concerned. I asked the Advisor if the lug nuts had been torqued correctly, which he had to go check with the mechanic since it was not outlined on the work order, and he confirmed that they had been torqued to spec. This interaction was pleasant and, in and of itself, would have warranted a 5 star rating. Things took a negative turn this past weekend, however, when the vibration/noise got considerably worse in a matter of a 30 minute drive. I immediately stopped driving and waited until Monday to contact Leavens and schedule a service appointment. I decided to have the rear mains leak fixed while the vibration/noise issue was being checked. Since Leavens is a short distance from my home, I drove the car in to have it checked out. On my way there, a gentleman driving behind me alerted me that one of my bolts appeared to have come off while the car was in motion, and that my rear tires were shaking "as if they were going to fall off". Upon arriving to Leavens, I noticed that one of the lug nuts was missing from the front driver's side wheel, and that two of the lug nut protectors had also fallen off of this wheel. The other wheels' lug nuts/covers appeared to be fine. I mentioned this to the Advisor and he advised me they would look into this. I was told the repair would be completed by day's end on Monday, or at some point Tuesday. I took their shuttle service to work, which is a minute drive from Leavens. Nearing the end of the work day on Tuesday, more than a day after I had dropped off the car, I had not received any communication from Leavens, so I called to check on the status of the repair. I was told that the rear mains leak had been fixed and that they found the vibration/noise problem was caused by loose lug nuts on the wheels. The Advisor said two rims were damaged and that they would need to follow-up with me that evening to provide a quote for new rims, and to arrange the shuttle service to pick me up. I mentioned that I had requested the lug nuts be checked on my last visit a month ago, and was told again that someone would follow-up to address this concern. I never received a call back. I called back in today, Wednesday, and was once again told that someone would return my call because they did not have all of the information needed to address my concern. When a different Advisor finally returned my call, I was told that the video showing my car's first maintenance visit last month had an obstruction and that they could not confirm whether the lug nuts were torqued, as I had been assured they had been, and that they would not be compensating me for the damage the loose lug nuts had done to the rims. Either the lug nuts were poorly torqued, or weren't torqued at all and I was incorrectly told that they had been. This could have resulted in a serious incident causing not only damage to my car, but to myself and others. The lack of empathy shown by the Advisor was abhorrent and has shaken my faith in their service department's abilities, integrity, concern for customer safety and overall level of customer service.
Leavens Volkswagen – Dec 9, 2016 – 

Hello Edward, At Leavens Volkswagen we take all customer issues seriously, especially those relating to safety concerns such as wheel bolts. We understand your concerns and frustrations. We took time to investigate your situation, and apologize if it took longer than expected to get back to you while your vehicle was in this week. Our technician did feel the vibration you mentioned on your visit. However, as it was noted to you at the time, your snow tires were quite cupped and without eliminating this as the cause did not go any further into the vibration concern. Because of the cupped snow tires we did not rotate your tires or have your tires off on your first visit to us. While we do not have video footage of your vehicle’s repairs, we have no reason to believe our technician did not torque your wheels. Once your car came back weeks later for the different repair, the car went to a different technician who noted the corrosion on the mating surface between the rim and rotor. This significant corroding had caused a poor contact area for the rim to be mated to. The tech pulled off your wheels, and cleaned off these surfaces for you. Even with the re-torqueing, based on the condition of the mating surface, this was determined to be the cause of your bolts coming lose. Leavens Volkswagen did not install your snow tires or have them off to rotate them during your service, nor did we rule out the cupping as the cause of concern. Again, we take your concerns seriously and are sorry you are in this situation. Not all customers chose to come to us for tire change-overs, many change their tires themselves; but would encourage them to research the process to reduce any potential risks. Thank you for your business and your feedback. Sincerely, Chantelle Leavens, General Manager.

Adam Aasen Store 1072RatingReview posted on
Dec 5, 2016
I just recently leased two vehicles through Kevin and was impressed with my experience. The staff here are friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth. I was treated well by everyone I encountered through the process and I am impressed with the vehicles. I will happily recommend Leavens to my friends and family.
Rachel Cree-LoweRatingReview posted on
Dec 4, 2016
Great staff. Loads of choose. Clean and well organized
Sailor BobRatingReview posted on
Nov 29, 2016
I went in to look at the Tiguan and Jetta. I am extremely disappointed. I have been left in tears by how they handled it when I was bargaining hard. Even if I am bargaining for an impossible price doesn't mean you stop being courteous. I never behaved rude. My pricepoint might have been unreasonable, but I was never rude. The test drive and everything else was amazing till we started looking for a deal. Samantha gave me a tour of the premises and at that moment I felt if I'm going to buy a car I'll buy it here. First I said I wouldn't share my credit card to show commitment, why would I? No other dealership asked me for it. They probably thought I didn't have the money. I showed them my work badge as well. I worked for Google before this, I have the money to buy! I just didn't want to sign anywhere or give my card out before I was satisfied. I had loved both the cars in the test drives. I genuinely still want to buy a Volkswagen but the behaviour of the salesperson I dealt with has left me in tears. I'm genuinely looking to buy a car, I don't want to freeze in the cold taking the bus to work. Yes, I realise I was probably misplaced in my expectation and bargaining but I was not rude to them. They refused to drop me back to my workplace after having given me the shuttle service when I decided I need to take a night before I gather my thoughts on their offer. And right when I was waiting for my Uber I saw the shuttle driving in and out with other people right in front of my eyes. That just broke my heart. My salesperson rudely asked me to leave. Zero courtesy. This is the worst experience I've had since moving to to London two years ago. Right now I am sitting at my desk at work with my hands trembling and tears rolling down my eyes because of the way the salesperson asked me to leave. I bargained, everyone does! Maybe I was unfair at a point that doesn't mean you behave the way you did.
Leavens Volkswagen – Nov 30, 2016 – 

Hi Gaurav, Thank you for letting us know how you feel your experience was last night; I also was disappointed in our visit. We treated you professionally, and with the utmost respect. Samantha went out of her way to make arrangements to have you picked up from your place of work by our shuttle (which is a courtesy normally reserved for our service customers), and accommodated multiple test drives. We were open and transparent when it came to negotiations, despite the fact that you were dismissive, constantly on your phone while we were trying to speak with you, and unreasonable with your requests. The quote you received was more than fair, and we would invite you back if you would like to take advantage of it. Thank you, Leavens Volkswagen Management.

Omar JordanRatingReview posted on
Nov 25, 2016
Went in for a winter tire install without an appointment only had to wait 30 minutes, was greeted kindly in the waiting area, walked into the garage to watch the winter tires being installed, mechanics were very kind and informing, appreciated the whole experience overall.
 Matt SRatingReview posted on
Nov 9, 2016
Straightforward sales staff, they let the cars sell themselves.
 Jared SmallRatingReview posted on
Nov 5, 2016
Drive in service, very friendly, no waiting, they checked my wheels for security lugs and didn't charge. Great customer service today.
Dion BruceRatingReview posted on
Sep 22, 2016
We had an excellent experience at Leavens. Cliff and Clinton were friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions and provided us with everything we needed to know before leasing our vehicle. I would definitely recommend Leavens Volkswagen.
Alex SolgaRatingReview posted on
Sep 13, 2016
Walked into the dealership to test drive a Passat. Buddy at the desk as you walk in didn't want to lift a finger unless I had cash. He actually asked if I plan on buying it. When I told him I wanted to compare it to my aged Jetta he said its 10 times better. Thanks for the tip!! I went out and bought a Ford where they actually let you test drive and have customer service.

Leavens Volkswagen – Sep 15, 2016 – 

Hi Alex, I’m as disappointed as you are at the type of service you received. At Leavens Volkswagen we strive to exceed customer expectations when making these large purchase decisions, not let them down. I will be speaking with the associate who chose not to give you the experience you deserve, and ensure that this doesn’t happen again. I hope you enjoy your new vehicle! Kristin Handsaeme, Sales Manager Leavens Volkswagen

Dan HoussarRatingReview posted on
Aug 30, 2016
our experience was excellent, my wife`s Jetta needed service got to the dealership just before closing on a Saturday. Jason and Sak took care of all of our service needs plus gave the Jetta a bath and quoted future service needs. fast and friendly service. nice!
Herbert HildebrandtRatingReview posted on
Aug 16, 2016
Great facility and sizable inventory. Service has been improving over the past few years.
Gurkirat UppalRatingReview posted on
Aug 7, 2016
My experience with leavans could not have been better. Max Whicher dealt with me nicely and helped me alot in making the right decision. After selecting the car, my loan was initially rejected but Mike Sinclair fought hard to get me approved and gave me a finance deal which was too good for a newcomer with no credit. Very nice and friendly people, would definately buy my next car from them if I decide to go for a VW.
Matthew SantagapitaRatingReview posted on
Jul 25, 2016
I'm on my 3rd VW the sales staff at leaves are amazing and the service staff is just as spectacular. I'm always treated with fair and honest service. They really do an amazing job
William BaddeleyRatingReview posted on
Jul 18, 2016
Carl and Andre in the service department went above and beyond my wildest expectations recently to help get my sportwagen back to it's former glory. The technicians are thorough, dedicated and skilled....Leavens attracts quality people. I'll recommend Leavens to anyone and will be taking some test drives in a VW when its time to replace my ride.
Henry MedeirosRatingReview posted on
Jul 18, 2016
Bought a jetta and a Passat from this dealer love the cars and couldn't be any happier with service.
Eric StevensonRatingReview posted on
Jul 8, 2016
Clinton made my used car purchasing experience delightful. I got a great deal on a Volkswagen Golf. Clinton was knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy. Would definitely buy another car from this dealership.
Jami-Ann St PierreRatingReview posted on
Jul 7, 2016
Clinton Smith made our experience at Leavens an awesome one! From the moment we stepped onto the lot he was extremely helpful, personable & knowledgeable! We never felt pushed or pressured in any way and once we decided to trade in our truck and purchase our Jetta, the process was smooth and quick. We couldnt have asked for a better experience. Thank you Clinton!
 Jordon KehoeRatingReview posted on
Jun 19, 2016
Thanks To Clinton I am the proud owner of a Jetta! I have wanted a Volkswagen for some time now and after a horrific experience in Guelph I was second guessing Volkswagen and driving to London but it was more than worth it. I saved approximately $3000 and 30,000 km going to Leavens. Go see Clinton today!

 Jeffery WhiteRatingReview posted on
Jun 17, 2016
If you are thinking of using this dealership, I would strongly suggest against it. I have never run into such bad customer service anywhere, even with companies whom have been notorious for having horrible customer service incidents. After having a repetitive intermittent issue finally seen by one of their service techs, I was told they would finally replace the radio/bluetooth car connect under warranty (something which I was told the last time I brought it in, if I can have them inspect it while the problem was happening, they could then replace the unit, and get me on my way). Well the radio finally arrived, and the day came to get it fixed. I brought my car in for the scheduled appointment at 9, for something I was told should only take and about an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours at the most. That’s fine, I scheduled my day for everything later in the afternoon to accommodate this. Come noon, I decide to call in as I have not heard anything back from their service team on the status of the repair. I get some answer along the lines of “we ran into some problems; we are going to be a little delayed.” That’s fine, I still have another two hours or so before I really need my vehicle back, which should have allowed for plenty of time to get the radio replaced. 3pm comes and goes, still no calls so I decide to call back and see if there’s any news. Same thing, “we have run into problems, and we are going to need a little more time, but we are almost done.” Ok, so now I scramble to move everything I had booked for this afternoon to accommodate that my vehicle would be taking longer. 5PM comes and goes, still no updates and they close in less than an hour. So I decide to get a ride over to find out in person what has been going on, and taking so long before they close for the night and I wouldn’t be able to get my vehicle back until tomorrow. I arrive on site, to which they inform me that they have not done anything to my vehicle, and it has been sitting all day long, because the radio happened to be working when I brought it in (the same radio that I had them inspect and confirm had a problem not even a week ago), and now get told because they didn’t see the issue today, they won’t replace it because “it is a $1500 part after all.” What’s more frustrating is that this hasn’t been once or twice that I have brought my Jetta to them with this problem. I have brought this to their attention and had it looked at at least 6 times over the last year and a half, among the other issues that have happened with this car. I also asked why they couldn’t have informed me earlier as to what their new intentions were, so I could have picked my car up in time to do my work in the afternoon, the representative did not have a response, and just shrugged their shoulders. I couldn’t believe this, that after months of having this issue, and finally having a service rep see it happening, and agree to replace the unit, they decide to deny the replacement the day they are supposed to fix it. I’d like to say this is the only issue I’ve had with them. But according to their "experts", breaks are also supposed to squeal, pulsate, and it’s acceptable every now and then for the brakes to completely loose pressure. These are all "operating normally". All I can say after this, is I will never own another Volkswagen product. It positively has been the worst vehicle owning experience I have ever had, and has really ruined my opinion of the Volkswagen product name.
Adrian IutziRatingReview posted on
Jun 8, 2016
I have purchased two new cars from this dealership in the past several years and it has been an enjoyable, painless experience each time. Leavens seems to firmly grasp that the driving experience sells a car--test drives have been a matter of the salesman tossing me the keys and saying "take your time, have fun." There were a few hiccups on delivery of my 2015 GTI (I was an early adopter and, thus, not surprised) and the salesman, Kevin, went so far as to loan me his own car for two days while they were sorted out. I wish they carried other brands so I could buy everything there! Especially a certain one-ton, stick shift, diesel pickup...
Sean FennellRatingReview posted on
Apr 28, 2016
Carl is one of the best service reps i have ever dealt with at a major dealership. I tend to go to smaller shops but since owning my current vehicle i will take it in to Leavens for specific VW issues. Carl not only tought me new things about my car he fixed my issue. I was concerned about a particular issue and had my car in last minute for 5 hours one day. They could have charged me $330 but it was free, they washed it, dropped me off to work and picked me up. Great service. Thanks Carl.
Andrew WiebeRatingReview posted on
Mar 31, 2016
I had a great and painless experience buying a used Jetta just over two years ago. Thanks, Terry.
Hannah MantelRatingReview posted on
Mar 29, 2016
We called, showed up, and got squeezed in within 20 minutes, since it was complete emergency! Super helpful, finally fixed the car after a few failed attempts at other garages. Price was way lower than I expected but right at the estimate. Super nice, helpful, and informative as to what was going on every step of the way!!
Wilber MejiaRatingReview posted on
Mar 22, 2016
Just wanted to give a big Thank you to Lukasz in the parts department. No matter how silly or in-depth my question may be, he is always willing to take the time to look into it and answer them for me.
Katie BerkelmansRatingReview posted on
Mar 22, 2016
Dan Dwyer has been my Service Advisor for my last 3 service visits. He has always been extremely friendly and helpful. He answers all my questions thoroughly and takes the time to come check out any problems or questions I have himself before passing it on to the technicians. I have really appreciated his customer service!
Alexander PalumboRatingReview posted on
Mar 17, 2016
Clinton Smith was extremely helpful when I was in the process or purchasing my 2015 Golf. He continues to go the extra mile by checking in several months after the purchase, making sure that I am still enjoying my vehicle and offering any help when necessary. I would recommend Clinton to anyone who is interested in inquiring or purchasing a Volkswagen product.
Saska DorakovskaRatingReview posted on
Mar 15, 2016
I was rushed to pay the deposit. I came for one specific car and they didn't even show me that one. They offer me a "better one" and after i pay the deposit they revealed that the car need new brakes! They suggest a protection package for the car paint and underneeth the car so I end up paying like I bought a new car and I brought home 2012 jetta. I feel rubbed!! At least Samantha could show us one or two more cars and the one that I came for. Ooo... the driver door doesn't close well and the trank too.
 Laura CooperRatingReview posted on
Mar 12, 2016
We had a great experience buying a Jetta from Clinton. I took 1 star off the review because he refused to negotiate! not even a little bit. We had the mindset to get a deal and play the "game". We TRIED and kept bringing it up and bartering but he insisted they are a no haggle dealership and cannot budge! We eventually bought the line and agreed...then a month later friends of ours got a Jetta too and they were able to haggle and got a better deal.
Jonathon BarraballRatingReview posted on
Mar 9, 2016
First time buying a car. Samantha McKay was helpful and professional throughout the whole experience. Would definitely recommend Leavens to any friends looking to purchase a car!
Rachael DiamondRatingReview posted on
Mar 1, 2016
Samantha McKay was fantastic while I was searching for my new Jetta. I test drove a number of cars and she was excellent in helping me find the exact car I was looking for. I've had the car for a month and a half and I couldn't be happier!
Donna MoerenhoutRatingReview posted on
Mar 1, 2016
Mark was amazing in helping me buy my jetta, and again in replacing it after my accident. He took the time to make sure everything went smoothly in the transition. Thank you Mark for all you did!
Mitch BarfettRatingReview posted on
Feb 29, 2016
I was told the service at Leavens was far superior to other VW dealerships in London and was not disappointed. Mark Lafferty went above and beyond to get a deal done for me and get me into the Volkswagen I wanted. Looking forward to taking it back in for the first service! Highly recommend Leavens VW! Ask for Mark!
abhinav pathakRatingReview posted on
Feb 29, 2016
Friendly Staff, great service and a great deal. Mark Lafferty provided great help while making my buying decision!
Meranda McGillRatingReview posted on
Feb 27, 2016
It was great kyle Hennick dealt with my car in a timely fashion and made sure it was running tip top. Also enjoyed the game and popcorn while waiting, thank you
Timothy EifertRatingReview posted on
Feb 26, 2016
My wife and I had an amazing experience at Leavens VW working with Mark Lafferty. He was really knowledgeable and very accommodating to our busy schedules. It was a pleasure working with Mark and we would highly recommend him for your auto needs!
Katie BerkelmansRatingReview posted on
Feb 25, 2016
Dan Dwyer has been my Service Advisor for my last service 3 visits. He has always been extremely friendly and helpful. He answers all my questions thoroughly and takes the time to come check out any problems or questions I have himself before passing it on to the technicians. I have really appreciated his customer service!
Jordan SharpeRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 20, 2016
Clinton Smith was extremely helpful when shopping for my new Jetta. He was knowledgable and not pushy. I highly recommend anyone looking to buy a new car to go see Clinton at Leavens! Regards, Jordan Sharpe
Benjamin LovellRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 20, 2016
First time buying a car and it was one of the easiest and best experiences I've had. Clinton Smith, my sales rep made it that way. He told me everything I needed to know, and they treat you like royalty. Love the car, and will definitely be buying there again!!!!
Kathryn CooperRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 20, 2016
Clinton was an incredible person to work with. He made my car purchasing process very laid back and stress free. He did not pressure me in anyway which made my whole experience a very positive one. I love my Jetta and I'll never buy another brand of vehicle. Thanks Clinton!
Jenn ClarkeRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 20, 2016
Clinton was one of the best Sales Representatives my family and I have ever had. Because of his in-depth understanding about the vehicles, he was able to help me select the best vehicle for my needs. We love our new diesel Jetta so much that we bought a used one and referred my parents there to buy their new Tiguan as well. If you are looking for great "down to earth" service with no hidden agenda, ask for Clinton Smith
Heather JonesRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 19, 2016
When I decided to trade in my 2004 Jetta in December, I test drove and chose to order a Golf hatchback. I worked with Clinton Smith of the sales department and he went above and beyond to get me a red, standard Golf hatchback. Throughout the process, and despite setbacks in finding one, he kept me informed each step of the search. When the car arrived, he spent the time answering all of my questions before I drove my new car off the lot. I really appreciated his willingness to go the extra mile to have a satisfied customer!
Leslie LumleyRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 19, 2016
I was so glad I dragged my Dad along with me when shopping for a new car! I wasn't originally going to shop for a VW, much as they are hands-down my favourite cars, because the car I wanted (the Tiguan) was simply out of my price range. But, Dad wanted me to meet Clinton Smith, having had successful business dealings with him in the past. Clinton was very attentive to my wishlist for a new car, took me on a test drive of the Tiguan, and was understanding when I mentioned that I felt the new Honda HRV would better suit my needs and price point, much as I loved the Tiguan. Then, when he heard a couple were trading in their new HRV for a Jetta, he immediately let me know and a mere 5 days later, I drove away with the car I wanted, from the best salesperson I'd ever met! What serendipity!
Leeanne SmithRatingReview posted on
on Google+Excellent
Feb 19, 2016
If your looking for a great experience when you are buying your new or used vehicle come to Leavens Volkswagen. My husband and I had a amazing time purchasing our 2015 Passat from Clinton Smith. He listened to our needs, and found the exact vehicle we wished for. The service department exceeds all expectations as well with Carl always recommending what needs to be done, and Myles performing the services that are in need. Could not be happier with everything at Leavens, will not ever go anywhere else. Leeanne
Danxu MaRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Feb 19, 2016
My experience with Leavens Volkswagen was great. My salesperson Clinton Smith is nice and patient.
Robert MaraRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 19, 2016
Recently bought my second vehicle from Leavens Vokswagen. Clinton helped me find the vehicle that was right for me and was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
John RRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Feb 16, 2016
No pressee, knowledgeable service, impressed with the sales department. Purchased 2013 Jetta off lease Update - - Front Bumper Cracked on both sides by wheel - Front door tint is peeling - key broke in half (was bent by previous owner and bent back by the dealer) - Plastic panel out of place and weather strip coming off on rear driver door I am taking the car in to see what they will do for me. I will update my experience after I visit them this week.
MJ EwensRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Feb 2, 2016
The "Oil Change Indicator" flashed on my Instrument Display Panel, I called booked the appointment . When I checked into the service depart. the tec. checked the mileage & told me I was a little early for my oil change. He has suggested the oil change indicator had not been reset after the last oil change, he mentioned it sometimes happens & told me I had apx. 5000 km's to go before it was required. He left it up to me if I still wanted to do the oil change or not. ( I purchased the car apx. 2 months ago). Great service!! I did get the oil changed.
Jay AreRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Jan 12, 2016
Great service, Jaun and Kevin were the sales staff I worked with. No pressure. Purchased used off a lease and the car had a few big dings and scrapes. The deal was made with the dings in mind but everything was fixed before delivery. So far I am impressed and would recommend for sure. Car was delivered super clean and I'm really enjoying it.
c crightRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Poor
Dec 26, 2015
Not a fan, if you plan on coming here do yourself a favor and obtain or record any service quote they provide you as the likely-hood of it changing is very high. As well as brush up on the Consumer Protection Act.... I decided it'd be best to contact multiple shops to quote a Transmission and Rear Differential flush on my vehicle. I called 3rd part VW shops and Transmission shops. *I should mention I already have the filter and lube, bought separately from a authorized dealer selling VAG products.* This job involves lifting the car, removing belly pan, draining fluid, cleaning pan and pan magnets replace the filter, gaskets as well as refilling the tranny (requiring a special pump) as for the haldex it's a similar procedure minus the belly pan. Around London Ont I was quoted in and around 200$, to have the job done, called vw and they said it'd be around 192$ plus tax. Reluctantly I brought it there . . . . November 13th, yes Friday the 13th. 2015 I got the bill back and it was 409$ taxes in ! In addition to that I was provided with a statement indicating all the "things" my car needed. And this is what really got me mad..... I knew the added cost was coming but wasn't surprised and was really glad I recorded everything prior to taking the car in. Either way they said I needed new rear springs, they also said that my exhaust was bad. So i checked my springs myself, seeing as i installed a new lower control arm not to long before I got this drive train service done and they were just dirty no signs of rust or wear at all at that time, checked'em again after VW said they were bad and they were untouched and healthy looking. They spring job they quoted my was another 200+ dollars x2. As for they exhaust there's nothing wrong, I deleted one of the many resonators. They asked if i wanted anything checked out or a car wash and I declined that. But they still "looked" at stuff. And the areas that I knew needed attention were not mentioned. So they basically just took their check sheet, checked what they could to and gave me the page back. In the packet of papers they handed back included photos of the transmissions pan, they were black and white pixelated photos. In these photos the front desk service clerk pointed out that there were metal shavings in the pan. I wish I could post the photos in this review as you would clearly be able to see that the "flakes" in the pan are actually a reflection of the shops ceiling lights! The gentleman pointed at two square blocks in the photo as if they were potentially going to cause a problem, the square blocks he pointed at are actually magnets that can be removed for cleaning when doing this service. These photos reminded me of when old school hand held kid games started installing cameras in them. So after all this, I go home and start tallying up my calls and notes to ensure that I wasn't quoted over 400$ but only the 200$ plus tax. And luckily I did hear everything correctly, and spent a great deal of time creating a email for their service manager Jason, I emailed jason on a friday, and got a call back on a tuesday, I missed the first call but called him back when I finished what I was doing and he advised me that "he is a man of his word and if they quoted me so many hours, they'd only charge me for those hours." So after giving me CC info back to him and another 3 weeks I got the refund I deserved to get. I should mention I was quoted in dollars, not hours. I can't help but think that they do this all the time and that people just accept the cost and fork over the money because "it's a Volkswagen" they drive. And it upsets me that this goes on and they didn't have real answers for me. When talking to jason about the notes the techs left, he had no clue what the guys did in the shop to write up that extra estimate, he just based it off of what he "used" to do himself when working in the shop. The good: The building was nice and well kept, the driver of the shuttle van was great.
Jason MarshallRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Dec 7, 2015
Carl the service advisor was very professional and made sure my car and I were taken care of well
Tyler WestmanRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Nov 30, 2015
Great experience overall. When entering the dealership, the building is well laid out and the staff are courteous offering coffee or a hot drink while you wait. I found the sales staff to be very knowledgeable, and willing to answer any and all questions. I ended up purchasing my 2011 Jetta from Sam, and would be happy to recommend her service.
Benjamin HedleyRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 25, 2015
Had my first service on my 2015 GTI, used the xpress lane system and got the oil changed, winter tires put on and all done in 45 min without an appointment. Thanks Dan @leavens Easily the best VW service I've had, my previous golf came from the other dealers and I only lasted 1 oil change because of that.
Alex ChanRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Fair
Nov 21, 2015
It was a rainy day and at first me and my parents were driving around the lot checking out the cars and a salesmen came outside from his desk to check up on us (no name was given but I think his name was Terry given the staff directory). We then decided to park our car and check out the inside for more cars and information. We looked around at first and then went back to the same salesperson to ask more information about the cars we were interested in (Golf Highline and Golf GTI). My parents don't know much english so as I was explaining to them about the information, the salesmen simply just said "thank you" and left. Not that it's big deal but first off the guy didn't even introduce himself to us, didn't at least offer my parents to have a seat, and lastly I don't think he took us seriously enough because he walked away. Overall it was definitely not the kind of service we were expecting at all. Thank you Terry, we will be taking our business elsewhere.
Laura MohammedRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 20, 2015
Clinton at Leavens VW did an excellent job helping me buy my first car! He took the time to understand what I needed, wanted, and can afford. He really went above and beyond what I expected from a sales person. He was able to answer all of my questions and provided me with honest and exceptional service. If you're looking for a new or used vehicle, I would highly recommend contacting Clinton Smith at Leavens, you won't regret it.
Gregory PeelRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 18, 2015
The Service Department are one of a kind here. Jason Boyle leads the team of amazing service technicians whom care about your vehicle and go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle does too. I have not been to a dealership both as a customer and employee in the automotive industry whom provide the friendly, professional and quality these individuals do. Leavens couldn't be more right about coming to see "the good guys". ...and women of course too. Gregory Peel Service Customer & Former Employee in Sales
Sarah CamickRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 17, 2015
Wow, what great customer service! Had the best experience buying my first vehicle at Leavens this past month. Kevin is a pleasure to work with and made me feel comfortable in asking any questions to learn more about the car I wanted to purchase. Absolutely in love with my new 2016 Volkswagen Jetta.
Saeed AlsakkaRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Nov 9, 2015
My experience with Leavens VW has been awesome. They accommodate the fact that I work out of town, they're very thorough in explaining all the different maintenance items that my car would be undergoing that day, and I haven't had to pay for any bogus maintenance charges. I've also had 3 hassle-free warranty claims with Leavens. They are slightly expensive though, but so are most dealers. Keep up the good work!
Raven LakeRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Fair
Nov 7, 2015
Was very interested in a used car from here. The first few people that I was in contact from there were great, I went in and test drove the vehicle and they gave me an okay quote for a trade in. What ultimately turned me off from buying from this dealership was a few days later I had a death in my family and was out of town for a weekend for the funeral. When I returned to London, I went to email back the man who I was dealing with and saw he had sent me a bunch of emails (after the fact I had let him know I was going to be away due to a family emergency). Some examples of his emails - one was literally just "?????????". And the last one just said "k guess not". Extremely unprofessional!
Michael DuncanRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Fair
Nov 4, 2015
Dealership is great for sales and horrible for service.
Paul HodgkinsonRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Poor
Nov 3, 2015
Less than one star. Here is what they charged my daughter for parts on her 2008 Rabbit. This alternator was replaced by them only 3 years ago and it has gone bad already.Here is what they charged her last week to replace it agian.....This is just parts(total was approx $1300. for this crap) Below is:From Leavens to me when I complained:(no satisfaction gained) Sorry for omitting the part cost. I assumed you had a copy of the work order. The alternator cost was $778.67, the pulley was $118.60. An exhaust clamp was also approved for $45.42 for the part and $28.50 for the labour. I wouldn't deal here ever again.
Lesha OhotkaRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 15, 2015
I want to say thank you to Trudy Patch. She gave all information, that i needed about my car and answered my questions very quickly. I think she is a good specialist and i hope to deal with her in future again. Oleksii Okhota.
John DyckRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 3, 2015
Just had the 60,000 km service done on our Golf Highline at Leavens VW by Joel Rayner and could not be happier with the work. Joel has been looking after the repair and service requirements of our vehicles at Leavens VW from the first time we met some ten years ago and his attention to detail and commitment to excellence is beyond anything we've ever experienced. Joel is dedicated and meticulous and an absolute delight to watch. Can't say enough about this "Ace" Technician and what an asset to the VW Brand Name. All our experiences with the personnel at Leavens VW - whether Sales or Service - have been nothing short of exceptional and their dedication to customer care and satisfaction is second to none. It's indeed been a pleasure doing business here and we'll keep coming back to Leavens VW for as long as they're around. Thanks again Chris...

Leavens Volkswagen – Oct 5, 2015 – 

Hi John and thank you! We cant tell you how much we appreciate your customer loyalty! Please remember we are always here to assist you with any future auto needs. Sincerley, Chris Leavens


Charles Triemstra

RatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Sep 30, 2015
They emailed me saying I needed my first maintenance because my car was 6 months old. So I asked then to look at my abruptly squeaky breaks and my squeaky driver window. They said they would and asked if I wanted a loaner car. I told them I would because I am from out of town. They said okay and scheduled the appointment. I arrived today early and they told me that I am too young for a loaner since I am only 22. They also said I don't need a oil change yet and that the brakes are built to squeak. They said that they would look at them and fix my window. I find I really annoying I was told to come in for no reason and can't get a loaner car. This was very unprofessional and it was my first maintenance experience at Leavens VW. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. They came out about 30 minutes later saying that the brakes are fine and that they need to replace a window part which would take over an hour. I asked them to do it next time I am in so I don't need to wait here any longer and I can plan something which is fine but it is my responsibility to mention it next time. Their sales reps are great and their maintenance department is super useless. ------------UPDATE------------------ I got in contact with their service manager who is going to be looking after all of my concerns including the loaner cars. Hopefully everything will go well during the next maintenance but I will update this after. Thank you for reading.
Leavens Volkswagen – Oct 1, 2015 – 

We are sorry that your first service experience with us didn’t meet your expectations. You did not receive the level of service we strive for all of our customers to have. Our service manager Jason has spoken to you personally about your concerns. We are working with you to rectify these issues to your satisfaction and hope you will continue to service with us in the future.

Mike VedubRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Poor
Sep 28, 2015
Beware. This dealership charged me for parts $1K, and labor $1K to install a part 06/30/15. When the part failed 09/17/15, I was advised that I would be charged labor (another $1K) to replace the faulty part because the part sold to me was after market. Every time I asked what could be done, I was only told what could NOT be done. At other VW dealerships paying the premium for service provided by the dealership provided me a continuum of service as I moved from city to city. I paid a premium to Leavens, but in return received sub-standard service. How can the dealership ethically accept the profit from selling and installing the aftermarket part, but not service this part when it fails… THE CUSTOMER MUST BEWARE!!! After 4 days of poor service, Mrs Leavens finally notifies be that because the aftermarket part failed within 90 days the manufacturer would cover a portion of the labor to install the replacement. One of two things happened here.... Option 1, this dealership is unaware of programs that are in place to assist the customer who chooses the aftermarket option provided by the dealership. Why would the dealership bother to learn about a program designed to protect is too busy covering their own bottoms. Option 2, perhaps they intended to charge me full price, and charge the aftermarket parts manufacturer for labor to install the replacement. Either way, the Leavens folks continue to profit from providing me poor service.
Leavens Volkswagen – Sep 25, 2015 – 

No need to beware. You opted to have an aftermarket part installed instead of the Volkswagen original part, which we always recommend. You took time to think about your decision; it was made with all the information. The warranty difference was clearly explained to you. The part is being covered and 30% of the labour is also being covered. It is unfortunate that the part has failed and we are sorry. Many staff have invested time today to get you the coverage on the aftermarket part at another dealership, which I suspect many dealerships would not have done. Once again we are sorry, but you must accept responsibility when you make the wrong decision.

Jordan WongRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Sep 23, 2015
Dylan and the rest of the service team were very helpful and pleasant. This is by far the best experience I've had at a VW dealer.
K JohnRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Aug 30, 2015
Best VW in London Ontario!
Kyle DiraRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Aug 22, 2015
My girlfriend and I just purchased a VW Jetta from this dealership and we couldn't be happier. It's such a relief working with their sales staff vs any other dealership in London. Clinton and the other staff were able to work with us to make sure we were happy leaving with the car we exactly wanted. They addressed any and all issues we had. If you're looking for honest staff and great service I highly recommend this dealership specifically. IF YOU GO IN ASK FOR CLINTON SMITH!!
Robert Van TrichtveldtRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Fair
Apr 4, 2015
We bought a used Jetta at another dealership and went in for some info on changing the Bluetooth menu to english. No one could tell us how. A salesman took our number and said he'd look into it but never returned the call. Too bad sales don't know how some features work. The car came with only the French owners manual and even the french sales man couldn't figure it out.
Amy RockRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Mar 24, 2015
As a repeat customer with leavens I couldn't be happier with the purchase of my new vehicle. A BIG thanks to sales manager Kevin koprowski for going above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my new purchase. This is customer service at its finest! Anyone looking for a great car buying experience and also a great quality vehicle, their only stop should be leavens Volkswagen!
Daniel RobertsonRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Feb 18, 2015
Had a great experience, great staff and terrific lounge while you wait.
Robert WoolvettRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Dec 20, 2014
To Leavens VW : I just had my car serviced before going to Florida . My experience was great and thanks to Justin at the counter for his professional and friendly manner . To Kevin the sales Rep. who sold us the Jetta , thanks for the great conversation and thanks to George the mechanic for your advise and honesty . Thanks Bob and Becky W.
Benjamin X. D.RatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Dec 5, 2014
Hey London. Leavens VW gets a well deserved five stars here. Take it form someone who just bought his fifth new car in the last eight years. They gave me a very fair deal on my trade-in, got me into a new GTI at a great price (winter tires included!) and were honest and courteous along the way. As for their service department, I do like their go-anywhere, watch the technicians work on your car policy. Also they've got free snacks & Wi-Fi while you wait so it's looking good. A few years back I traded in my Mazdaspeed 6 and have regretted that decision ever since. The new 2015 GTI helps me move on and then some. This baby is very special. If your thinking about one, go get it, thanks to it I haven't stopped smiling in two weeks. Finally, I'm very happy to endorse my salesperson, Clinton Smith. He's a great person all around and has been fantastic to work with. I just recently learned of his national athletic accomplishments and it makes me even more proud to know him. He deserves your business. Happy car hunting! -BXD
Jon OlivaRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 11, 2014
I couldn't be happier with there service I was provided by Clinton Smith, my Sales Representative who sold me my first car. I had an excellent experience purchasing my Jetta, which is the perfect car. I expect a long mutually beneficial relationship with Leavens Volkswagen in the future. Leavens offers world class service, predicated on proven German Engineering, especially with their air-conditioned garage they have the best facilities and service to provide the service you expect when buying a new car. Every representative knows their product inside and out, and are all very happy to speak with you. Only words that come to mind when thinking of Volkswagen are Value, and Quality. I'm tired and fed up with buying a used car that breaks down (and hearing from others who do) and end up spending as much in repairs as the cost of the vehicle. STOP buying these garbage lemon vehicles from these used car guys that will NOT stand behind their car at all... shoot, they probably got them at the auction. I'd like to mention the financing rates are Leavens blew ALL the used car dealerships (and bank) out of the water. Just go in and see Darin, he's the best in the business when financing your new vehicle. Leavens makes it affordable and warranted for everyone to drive a Volkswagen, it wasn't termed, "the People's Car" for nothing. I understand helping out the 'little guy' but you cannot ever sacrifice one's safety for a 'deal'. 'Enough said, my next car will be another Volkswagen or (hopefully) upgrade to an Audi, fingers crossed.
Luke HowittRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 4, 2014
We recently purchased a Certified Pre-Owned from Leaven's VW. Clinton Smith was excellent at helping us find the right car and answer all of our questions, of which we had many. There was never any pressure and the entire Leaven's staff that we dealt with were very knowledgeable and friendly.
alandra whiteRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Nov 1, 2014
The best dealership in London! Leavens VW creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere; allowing the customer to ship at their own pace and ask questions. The sales staff are very knowledgable about financing options and are always ready to go out of their way to help you. A special thanks to Samantha McKay in sales who really went above and beyond to accommodate my erratic nursing shift schedule and to organize a great deal on my preowned Tiguan. A thanks, as well, to Kristin Handseame in finance who worked behind the scenes to ensure that all the paperwork came together smoothly. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable place to purchase your next vehicle, go here first!
swetmansRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 27, 2014
I brought my Volkswagen to Leavens every time I needed service performed. They are friendly, efficient, and get their work done promptly and professionally! Kevin and the Parts Team have especially helped me out greatly when needing accessories/parts for my vehicle, on time and with peace of mind. You will not be disappointed with their friendliness, efficiency, and professionalism when bringing your Volkswagen to Leavens!
Tina LeiRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 26, 2014
Leavens Volkswagen has been one of the most pleasant dealerships that I've been to. I have nothing but good things to say about the dealership, particularly about the service team. Every time I've had an issue with my car, they've always helped me in the timeliest manner. Kevin in the service department has gone above and beyond to help me when my car needed repairs, from finding me the most reasonably priced parts for repairs to personally arranging a shuttle service for me. Even the shuttle driver was very kind and easy to talk to which made my trip back home an enjoyable experience. All in all, Leavens is a beautiful facility met with the utmost professionalism and kindness from the staff. I would recommend this dealership in a heartbeat, and most definitely will be back.
joey cRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 25, 2014
As a auto enthusiast iv always gone to leavens for my needs, from my drawn out parts lists, to the service on my cars, the people are great and never short to meet my needs. Easily the best vw dealer in London
M ProcunierRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 24, 2014
Fast friendly service. Always someone available to help and never left wandering alone unless requested. Parts has a good friendly attitude and was very helpful.
Eugene KlimovRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 23, 2014
In short, uncompromising, the Best, Volkswagen quality of service for a very reasonable price. Personally, this was the single greatest service experience I have ever had, mind you I am a person who loves doing everything himself (controlling, type-A) because I believe that few have the attention and willingness to do things with more care than me. Shopped around for a timing belt change, and found myself pleasantly surprised by Leavens Volkswagen price for an Italian OEM belt + labour for 950$; comparable to anywhere I asked (5 shops total). The service/parts salesperson Lucacz is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to educate and help with all matters concerning belt changes. I ended up getting a brand new timing belt put in with kit (new tensioners and bolts), new water pump, new accessories/v-belt, all for $1000. Lastly, and this is what really impressed me is the service/presentation outside of what's been paid for/agreed to be paid for. Someone hit my 2004 TDI Jetta in a parking lot and ran, causing light cosmetic damage to the front passenger bumper, and broken intercooler. Service professional Justin was very articulate and helpful in communicating the initial diagnosis and in coming up with sufficient options for repair. A very nice touch, after replacing the intercooler, a temperature sensor, and the belts described above, the personnel for-free fixed the bumper in place, making the cosmetic damage almost completely unnoticeable. Certainly returned a 100% fully-functional best friend back to me. They even washed, waxed the car, and wiped the dash and windows all to mirror-shine I almost walked into it at first! For going the extra mile, outside of what's been agreed to be paid for, Leavens is a place that makes me proud to drive a Volkswagen, and to live in London, Ontario.
Triish AnneRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 23, 2014
I've been dealing with Leavens for some time now, I've never had a bad experience with them. They're very professional, yet they treat you like family. I've personally dealt with Jason, and Kevin. Both very down to earth guys and make you feel comfortable with bringing your car there. I would recommend Leavens to everyone, even if they didn't drive a VW.
Hillary HRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 21, 2014
I am currently in midst of purchasing a used VW from Leavens. As this was my first experience: A) Buying a car by myself and B) purchasing a Volkswagen, Clinton Smith was very accommodating. He made me feel very comfortable with my decision and was very knowledgeable about the product. I look forward to picking up my new-to-me car later this week! Thanks Clinton and Leavens :)
Carmen RichterRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 19, 2014
I have to confess - I've been a part of the VW family before, in 1993, and the experience was mixed. When the car ran, it ran beautifully, but when it did not, yikes. The problem - not Leaven's, not the service, but three starters in the first year. Thankfully Steve and the service department in those days knew how to handle hiccups - and knew how to handle people. So here I am a couple of decades later, and those who know me ask, appropriately, 'Really? You're buying another VW, after all of the problems the first time around, after you've been so happy in the (it's not appropriate to name the other car brand here, is it?) family?' And I could only answer, 'Yup. Time has passed. The Golf is beautiful, sporty, suits my lifestyle, and I want back into the family. I want back into the Leavens VW family.' And here I am - a proud owner of a 2015 Golf, which I bought because of my curiosity, my love of VW history, OK my love for German precision engineering, and finally because of Clinton, who allayed all of my concerns and did his job very well in selling me this car. And I know Leavens service - I know I'll be treated right. And Clinton did not steer me wrong. I've had this car for approx. one month and I LOVE it! Manual transmission, immediate response on the road, amazing computer system, cool as a sleek black cat in action. Oh, and did I mention the personalized mail that comes from the Golf designers at VW Germany? Wow. It's good to be back.
Lindsay ThompsonRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 16, 2014
I had such an awesome experience buying my Pre-Owned 2014 Jetta from Leavens. From the minute I walked in Clinton was nothing but helpful and made me feel very at ease. I couldn't have asked for a better experience buying a car. The whole experience was quick and easy, and I'll definitely be referring my family and friends to Clinton and the team at Leavens.
Michael FernandoRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Good
Oct 15, 2014
My wife and I bought our fist car at Leavens earlier this year. We had a reasonable idea of what we wanted but we still had a lot to think about. We had a very competent sales person, Clinton Smith, helping us. Clinton knew about the vehicles inside and out and helped us get the vehicle we wanted. We had a delay getting the color of vehicle we wanted but Clinton was also able to help with this too. We now have a very spacious and comfortable Passat and we hope it lasts for many many years. A very good experience all round
Jason BrownRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 15, 2014
I purchased a new vehicle from Leavens about 6 weeks ago and have been extremely satisfied with both the vehicle and the service that I received at each step of the way. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best purchase experiences I've had. I dealt primarily with Clinton Smith who was very personable, professional and knowledgable throughout the process. He was very thorough and took the time to really understand my needs to help me find the vehicle that best suited my lifestyle. In addition to Clinton, I found my experience with the rest of the team (financing and reception) to be equally satisfying. After picking my car up I received several follow-ups from Clinton, Chris Leavens and the service/parts managers to ensure that I was happy with my vehicle. It really reinforced my purchase decision and made me feel like I was getting more than just a car. I will definitely purchase my next car from Clinton and the Leavens team when the time comes.
Ken MurphyRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 15, 2014
My wife Patti and I went to Leaven's VW to look at some pre-owned cars! Not necessarily interested in a new car at the time, but...we met this young salesman named Clinton Smith, and everything changed for us! Breath of fresh air describes Clinton perfectly! It was like we had known him for years within minutes, and there was no pressure with him at all...we had a particular car in mind, and wouldn't you know, it sold after we had left! But, we got regular emails from Clinton, with pics of similar vehicles as they came to his lot! We decided after a few weeks to go with a new car, and could think of no one we'd rather buy from! If you want a positive car shopping experience, call Clinton Smith at Leaven's VW! You will not regret it I assure you! Oh, and as for Leaven's...5Stars in our book! Best car buying experience Ever! Ken Murphy&Patricia Craig
Jesse NightingaleRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 14, 2014
my Experience buying my first car through leavens was a great experience. Clinton Smith helped me with my sale and answered all my questions fully and was defiantly a great sales associate to work with finding what i was looking for.
Jacob HallidayRatingReview posted on
on Google+ Excellent
Oct 2, 2014
I wouldn't want to take my car anywhere else. I've got work done on several occasions by the team at Leavens and I always drive away happy with the experience.




Allison Segeren

Quality Excellent


I recently purchased my first ever car from Leavens. I was dreading this experience from choosing the right car to paying for it. From the minute I walked in the doors at Leavens to picking up the car I purchased only a few days later, I have nothing but positive things to stay about the staff at Leavens and the Volkswagen philosophy. I had the pleasure of buying a used 2012 Volkswagen Jetta from Samantha. She was friendly, knowledgeable and certainly not pushy or the typical used car saleswoman. She walked me through each step of the process and made sure I was comfortable. She was exceptionally honest and always made sure we had the answers to the questions that we asked. I would recommend dealing with Leavens to anyone looking to purchase a new or used Volkswagen. I'm already looking forward to my first service appointment for the free coffee and shuttle services. Thanks to Samantha, Darin, and the rest of the Leavens staff. I love my new car!



Peter Lee

Quality Excellent


I first ran across Leavens through inquiring about an AutoTrader ad. The car my wife and I were interested in didn't have the financing terms that we were looking for, but Samantha McKay offered her help to find another car that would work for us. I have been in touch with Samantha in trying to find a 2014 VW Golf Wagon TDI, Wolfsburg edition, manual, Tornado Red. She is super responsive via e-mail and phone (we live in Toronto), upfront, thorough, acts with integrity and courtesy. The car we're looking for is a tough find, but Samantha is perhaps an even rarer find in the car sales industry. But judging by the reviews, she seems to be just representative of the Leavens dealership as a whole. If you live in Southern Ontario and you're looking for a VW, you need to go to Leavens.




Quality Poor


I have purchased three cars from this establishment, two new and one used. When the used one started to develop rust and I brought it in to have it fixed under warranty I was told that the rust forming on the doors would not be covered under warranty because all four doors were repainted. This took them less than 10 seconds to determine, yet when I first purchased the vehicle I was told the vehicle was accident free. I was very dismayed that despite having people that can tell rather quickly whether a car's paint is factory original or repainted, they do not bother doing this before selling their used cars to the public. I would have never purchased the vehicle had I known that all four doors were worked on in a shop, it is negligent misrepresentation on their part. When I asked them to address the issue out of decency they just hide behind saying the Carfax report did not indicated any accidents, showing they would rather save a few hundred dollars over maintaining a customer's loyalty.



Michael Watson

Quality Good


There were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end Leavens (Dave Graham and Justin) went out of their way to correct things. Thanks for going the extra mile! Happy customer...will be back in a few years to buy a new one!



Tony Wilson

Quality Excellent


I've been dealing with Leavens for 6 years now and I've had nothing but great experiences there. With the new building I love just driving my car right into the shop and getting service done. The staff are truly amazing! Their attitude and passion for cars is what keeps me coming back. Keep up the great job Leavens Volkswagen! Proud Volkswagen Enthusiast, Tony Wilson



Brent McNamee

Quality Excellent


I have purchased three cars in a row from Leavens, and loved the experience every time! The staff don't ever seem to be having a bad day - I think maybe it's something in the coffee. Both the sales and service experience is very warm and welcoming. They have really earned my loyalty over the years! Edit: just picked up my fifth Jetta in a row, from the new location. Thanks all!



Aaron Greenberg

Quality Excellent


I purchased my 2008 VW Golf City new from leavens Volkswagen. From my first hand shake with my salesman to my most recent oil service I have nothing but a 10 out of 10 experience. It is very satisfying dealing with what are clearly professionals in there respective fields. With many other choices for service in the city, Leavens VW is a no brainer!



Shannon Landreth

Quality Good


I am leaving my review here as the VW head office survey link has expired. I waited to do the head office survey till my new (pre-owned certified) car was up to par as there were a few items that were missed when I went to pick it up after purchase, including a cracked front grill, an empty tank of gas and a broken seat handle. The salesman was very pleasant and helpful and understood that I am woman that knew a lot about cars, and is passionate about the VW brand, being a previous VW owner. Other than the missed items that were found after I brought the car home, the service was good. They were quick to amend the situation and provided my partner with a rental vehicle so he didn't have to hang around the dealership. I hope there are no future issues with my vehicle and hope to continue providing my business to Leavens VW.  Thank you



Karla Halls

Quality Excellent


Leavens is phenomenal! Customer service is A+++ with these guys and girls!  From the second you walk in, they make you feel welcome. All the way to the time of paying, they are friendly through and through.  Ben, Jason, Justin are always a pleasure to deal with! They make you feel like you've known them for years.  I used to go to the other VW dealership in London, and it does not even compare to Leavens. I will continue to go here even if I don't live close!  Thanks guys and keep up the great work :)



Sandi Bento

Quality Excellent


I have always had an amazing experience, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They all seem to love what they do. Nice community feeling. Jason was amazingly patient and knowledgeable   I have never experienced the same level of comfort in a dealership  Thanks so much



Donnie Dawn Dunoon

Quality Excellent


I just wanted to say thank you to Ben, Jason and Justin!!! I was in for an oil change, 30000 km tune up etc.and some little problems that I wanted looked after. I went home and noticed that the area they were working on was not working right. Ben got me in ASAP! He got me to work and Justin and Jason took care of my pick up. Justin had the car pulled up, warm and they all treated me with "special" care. Anything we have ever asked about has been answered. Anything we wanted taken care of has be dealt with immediately. Guys, all three of you are the reason we keep coming back. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all  Dawn and Don Dunoon



John Frisch

Quality Excellent


Very thorough quick pleasant knowledgeable and accomodating in service dept. Will definitely make the drive for my next veh



Andrew Joffe

Quality Excellent


Jason and Justin are there to please! Great friendly team that ensures you are totally satisfied before you leave. If you are looking for great after sales service, this is the place to go!  Keep it up guys!  Andrew



Allan Lodberg

Quality Excellent


Very dependable, customer service is great. They stand behind any service they do. What more can I say ... I travel from Port Dover (250 Km round trip) to have my vehicle serviced by Leavens.



Hobin Hwang

Quality Excellent


They are very kind whenever I go there for a maintenance. They are so friendly and they remember who I am and what my car is. There are free snack and free coffee for customers and free wifi. I'm glad I bought my vw from this place.



Kelly Stephens

Quality Excellent


If you want to experience the best customer service you will ever have, go to Leavens VW! I was there yesterday picking up my 2003 Golf that is still under a rust warranty, (which is unheard of in most other car companies). I was picked up by their shuttle and chatted with the friendly driver, who took me to Leavens. I noticed that my car was parked right out front of the service department ready to go, but it looked different...The rims looked almost new, and the car was washed! I went in and talked to Justin (who is so helpful and friendly) and explained what they did to repair my car. I asked him if I would get another license plate cover because the plastic had become a little foggy, and he came out with a screwdriver and replaced it for me!! Now thats service!!! My car has never looked better! They scrubbed the rims, they washed my car, and my rubber mats were cleaned too, and were spotless!! I didnt ask to have this done, they just do it at Leavens! Wow! It made me feel like Im a VIP customer! Thanks to Ben, Justin and Jason for treating me and my car like royalty! xo



David A.

Quality Excellent


Drove out of my way and past two other dealerships to deal with Dave Graham at Leavens. I found it to be a great experience and Dave made sure I was at ease with the decision to try a VW for the first time. If my ownership experience works out the way I expect, I will gladly deal with Dave again.



Hannes Filler

Quality Excellent


I was planning a longer road trip for the weekend and everything was going well until my car's engine light turned on- showing me, that there was a problem. Now, I have a 2002 Jetta in good condition( thanks to the service from Leavens), but at that age- you never know. I called Leavens on Friday morning and explained the situation.I could bring the car in right away,what I thought was a very good service. It became even better, when I picked up my car. I did not even make it home and I had another unrelated problem with the car. I called Jason in a panic, but he was very calm, gave me the advice I needed and after I was back in the shop somebody looked at the car immediately. I was so relieved. Even on a Friday afternoon you can count on Leavens. Thank you so much!



Ryan Marr

Overall Excellent


My girlfriend and I bought our first new car from Cliff Anderson back in May. Cliff was extremely helpful. He guided us through the whole process and now we're the proud owners of a 2011 golf wagon tdi. We already have 23000 km on the car so I'm certainly glad we got the TDI. I think leavens is the best new car dealer in London. Out of all the London car dealers, they have friendly, helpful staff who will help you with your new volkswagen.  It was certainly worth the trip down from Toronto to get the car in London, we love the drive!

All the best, 

Ryan Marr